Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How far do you want to go?

So far I've been designing extension parts for the CYGNUS that match the body as it currently exists. But I'm considering some further modifications.

Off the top, I'm thinking about redesigning the extension section to have more authentic, open girderwork on the outside and more detailing on the tanks and piping... something like this. Only problem is if I upgrade A and B, then I have to do an upgrade section for the back of the hull as well for section C. Easily duplicated in CAD, but will add to the cost.

I'm thinking about making some detail sections to stick to the front of the mandibles (E).

Also thinking about chopping the antennae bases off (D) and replacing the antennaes with more accurate parts.

Not shown here, I have side panel exztensions for A + B that are working pretty well. Will post those in a bit.

I think what I will do in the end, is I will produce a level one and level two upgrade kit. Level one will be consistent with the current hull and will cost $50. Level two upgrades will be more dramatic and will require a lot more cutting... also slightly more expensive.

Feed back? Tim? Ford?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cygnus Extension Parts

So you're building the MPC Cygnus from Disney's The Black Hole, but you want to be cool like James Small and add the missing hull section like this (I've always liked this build).

It'd be a shame to have to cannibalize a second kit to do this. Also potentially a bit expensive. That's why I've been working on a set of 3D printed extension parts.

I'm printing the side panel extensions today. Before too long I should have these selling on e-bay, or you can contact me directly at bverde84 atsign hotmail dawt com if you are interested in a set of extension parts. Final pricing is yet to be determined, but I expect to be around $50-60USD