Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hatamoto - Work in Progress 2

So here's where I ended up with the Hatamoto this weekend. Kind of a rush job, but good enough to get some photos for the auction.

V-FLASH Chronicles - Part VI

HAL (the V-FLASH) is being a problem child tonight. While I was printing some pickup parts for a Hatamoto and a Vulcan (kits that I plan on selling on E-Bay later this month), HAL coughed up:

Error: Cartridge Pump Failure (or some such)

I reseated the resin cartridge. No go.

I rebooted HAL. No go.

I finally broke down and changed out the resin cartridge, even though it still showed 46% resin left in the tank. The pump error went away, but I have to say it took quite a bit of futzing around to get it up and running again on the new cartridge.

I'm scared. Scared that the estimates that the interface gives for resin left is every bit as accurate as the progress bar on a Windows copy operation (ie. "not very"). Its hard to tell just how much resin is still in the old cartridge because it's so compartmentalized. I tried sticking a dipstick in but I'm not sure that I'm poking anywhere near the main reservoir.

When I got HAL, I realized that he probably wasn't going to get the same kind of mileage that I would get out of an Objet. But I've got a feeling that he's costing me something north of the $9 per cubic inch that I had estimated. More research is needed...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hatamoto - Work in Progress

I'm finally getting around to making a Hatamoto Chi for myself. Cleaned up a set of parts and started painting this afternoon. He doesn't look like much yet, but I've been practicing my drybrush skills on mini's lately, so I'm hoping I can do some of that.

In other news, Takara is rereleasing a bunch of the Dougram model kits -- I spotted them on HLJ this week. These ones are 1/144, but I'm pretty sure that I read elsewhere that there were 1/72 as well. I can't find the reference now, so I could be wrong.