Thursday, September 26, 2013

Revelation of the KLF DALEKS

I just did a quick cleanup on the new parts and set them together. Any fan of Colin Baker will recognize this one from Revelation of the KLF DALEKS!

FORM 1 - Second try

I submitted a pickup print job last night to see if I could get those 6 Dalek parts to work. The web site sez to just clean everything up and try again -- real helpful. But I figure that the auto-orient button is in the software for a reason and I give it a try.

Things worked much better this time.

I'm impressed with how clear the parts are. They get kind of clouded and scuffed during the cleaning process though. I suspect that a little Clearcote or Future would bring it back to a pretty clear finish though.

Gonna have to leave it there though. The timing of the FORM1's arrival has not been optimal and I won't have time to really put it through its paces for a few weeks yet. Should be some new stuff for Christmas auctions though -- including new mechs!

FORM1 Maiden Voyage

For my first 3D print on the new FORM1, I've chosen to do a KLF style dalek.

(see: Doctorin the Tardis on Youtube )

 Yes, it's a piece of junk, but I'd wager than there aren't many Doctor Who fans that have this one on their shelf! (Also, if I have trouble getting good parts, they'll still be somewhat authentic!)

So I thought I'd ignore the auto-orient button and layout the print job manually. Maybe a bad idea since only the two largest parts actually survived to tell the tale.

The remaining six ended up as shapeless pieces of goo in the bottom of the resin reservoir. :-(

Monday, September 23, 2013

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Drop Pod AUCTION

Anyone need a Wammyhammer drop pod? I just threw one up on eBay for my buddy Doug.


I just realized that I never did post a pic of the assembled Rakshasa. This could well be the last mech that I print on the V-FLASH.

Someone's going to have to paint some mechs soon...

Wooohoooooo! The Form1 is here!

It took about a week to clear customs (I should probably get a proper customs broker soon) but it was finally delivered this afternoon at 3:00!

Now I can get back to some serious 3D printin'!!!