Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More Cygnus Pictures

Not much to say, just some pictures of the LEVEL 2 expansion section. Will need to alter some of the support structure for the print job and reroute a little on the piping, but the design is pretty much done for this bit. Now on to the landing bay...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cygnus Update

So here's what I'm calling the LEVEL 1 Cygnus extension kit:

It consists of 9 parts; a hull extension, two top panels, two side panels, two piping standoffs, a piping extension and two nose detail pieces. Cost is a little higher than expected at $63USD. It will enable the kit builder to implement the extension with parts that are consistent in detail with existing kit and required little cutting.

HOWEVER, you may wish to wait to see how the LEVEL 2 parts turn out before committing. At the moment, my plan is to include two detailed hull extensions (shown below), an upgraded landing bay and Palomino, additional lattice detailing for the spine and sides of the ship and upgraded antennas -- everything that I can think of at the start of my build. This set will likely be around $120USD

LEVEL 3 - No doubt I will discover bits and pieces along the way that I want to add. These parts will become part of the level 3 expansion kit. Also, if you wish to acquire any parts "a la carte", get in touch and I'll work out a price... bverde84 atsign hotmail dawt com

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cygnus Level 1 Update

This week I updated the body extension section (removed piping standoff) and printed two piping standoffs for the original section. These and the side panel extensions are shown here:

I also printed a pair of lattice pieces for the nose, but they were too thin and flimsy, will redo those today.

Regarding the necessary extension to the piping rails, I WAS just going to say "screw it, make your own", but there's no sprue in this kit that matches. So I'll also include a piece for that. Also working on that today.