Sunday, February 20, 2011

Printed Hatamoto Parts

I did a set of parts for the Hatamoto on thursday night. Just curing them now. Just a few problems... such as the perennial problem of building the bayonette mount in the waist 90 degrees off! The gat was a little warped and there was a little bit of delamination happening in the end of one of the leg parts as well. I may have to manually build some support structure into the model for the gat to keep it from wobbling during construction.

You may notice a few extra and non-standard parts in there. He's a specially modified Hatamoto that I'm doing for a commission. (Hatamoto Sobou) I'm hoping to do some cleanup on the parts and do a test fit tomorrow.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yet Another Hatamoto Update

I got around to adding a few more greebs to the Hatamoto today and finished up the knee joints...

What is it with American online merchants and their love of UPS? Do they think Canadians are made of money!!?? What makes them think that I would want to pay UPS over $20 to ship me $17 worth of decal paper? (and probably charge me $20 to $30 worth of customs clearance charges?). Fortunately, I found someone on E-Bay stores that would sell me decal paper and send it by post. The paper was slightly more expensive, but I'll probably still save $40-50 dollars on 25 measly sheets.

No thanks!!!! UPS sucks!!!
Thanks mynestegg!!!! Postal Service rulez!!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hatamoto / Vulcan updates

I've done about as much painting as I'm going to do on the Vulcan, so I thought I post a progress pic of that...

As usual, I coulda done some more sanding, better weathering and some decals, but I'm a lazy bum. That reminds me; I need to order some more white water-slide decal paper.

I tried doing a sheet of decals (on clear paper) in my cheapy Samsung CLP-315 laser printer. Although it didn't melt the decal paper as I feared it would, the feeder doesn't like the shiny thick paper so the placement is kind of hit or miss. So it looks like my ink jet is still the way to go. I need to chase down some good artwork of Battletech house and clan logos and print a bunch.

In the meantime, here's another shot of the in-progress 3DSMAX build of the Hatamoto Chi...