Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yet Another Hatamoto Update

I got around to adding a few more greebs to the Hatamoto today and finished up the knee joints...

What is it with American online merchants and their love of UPS? Do they think Canadians are made of money!!?? What makes them think that I would want to pay UPS over $20 to ship me $17 worth of decal paper? (and probably charge me $20 to $30 worth of customs clearance charges?). Fortunately, I found someone on E-Bay stores that would sell me decal paper and send it by post. The paper was slightly more expensive, but I'll probably still save $40-50 dollars on 25 measly sheets.

No thanks!!!! UPS sucks!!!
Thanks mynestegg!!!! Postal Service rulez!!!



  1. Love what your doing here, I'd bite your arm off for a madcat/vulture, and/or cougar the
    mech warrior4 or mechassault versions!


  2. I've got about four or five more inner sphere mechs that I want to do before I switch to clan. I might start some clan stuff towards the end of the year.