Friday, March 4, 2011

Hatamoto Assembled

I cleaned up the parts for Jon's Hatamoto last weekend and did a partial assemble. He's going to do the painting and final assembly (what is that thing on the front of the helmet called?). Once again, I'll probably do a little tweaking on the scale before I do one for myself.


  1. I've searched and searched on ebay, but I can't any of your 1/100 mech auctions. Nor can I find any contact information for you. How would one go about acquiring one of your 1/100 creations?

  2. I don't plan on doing any mass production of these. Periodically, I will be running e-bay auctions, but I'm not sure when the next ones will be. Sometime before the end of June, I will be running auctions for Urbanmech, Vulcan, Scorpion, Flea and Hatamoto (1 of each). I will post here when I'm ready to start. See also