Sunday, August 28, 2011

1/60th Scale Vulcan

I've been enlisted to produce a series of 1/60th versions of some of my mechs (Hi Scott!) and so we're starting with some of the smaller ones. This weekend I printed out the 1/60th scale Vulcan.

HAL did a good job with no noticeable deformation in the parts. Bigger models seem to be less susceptible to warpage during the build. The only fly in the ointment is a piece of support structure that it put into the bayonette mount for the torso - it'll take some finessing to remove.

Speaking of HAL, I'd had a word with the V-Flash tech about the build tray sensor (which we just defeated in software) and why certain models were dying in the middle of the print job. The tech ran some remote tests and couldn't determine why it shouldn't be able to complete a print job. My suspicion is that it is due to heat cuz he isn't doing it any more (I was trying to print those POMO animals in the dog days of summer and HAL probably wasn't liking that). Its not like the CPU is shutting down, but maybe just the imaging section. That's why the job keeps running and the gantry and resin feed keeps moving, but nothing is printing. Just my thoughts. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd stick some temperature sensors in there and log temperature... meh, later. He's working OK fer now.

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