Sunday, January 18, 2015

Work in Progress

Thought I'd post a few pics of 1/100th scale mechs that I have in progress:

This is my second printout of the 1:100 scale Fenris. The first one seemed a little big and so I gave it another go...

This is the latest printout. A 1:100 scale Ryoken under the curing light. For once the bayonet mount for the waist printed out perfectly. I'm going to try and make the weapons bays for this somewhat modular with pullout missle packs and changeable arms.

This is our version of the Sentinel. One of the student placements at Price did this model for me so if I sell any she gets a cut! Hi Danielle! The main feature of our 1/100th scale version is that he is SMALLER THAN A DAISHI!!!!!I never did like the lead mini for this reason.

All of the mechs shown here were printed with the Formlabs Form1 3D printer using Makerjuice gray resin.

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