Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Stuff

I didn't get a chance to call 3D Systems today and work through the software upgrade for HAL cuz I was doing too many other things. Like errands and creating packaging for the Christmas Ornament auctions.

My hats off to Cindy and her mum for doing the painting, packing and mailing for the ornaments way-back-when. Now that I'm doing it for myself, I really have a new appreciation for all that went into it. And they did HUNDREDS!

I managed to put the FLEA together today as well. Here's a couple of pictures. The scale could be better, but to be honest, I'm mixing so many different scales from Macross, Dougram and Crusher Joe already, that I'm just shooting for "close"...

Here's the FLEA with all his pals, waitin to stomp on ya! Yup, the Shadowhawk is too big, the Rifleman is too small, but what are ya gonna do? Anyone know where I can get a Revoltech Dougram (Shadowhawk) for cheap? (I ain't paying $45US for one inna box!) I figure that'd be about the right size...

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