Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The V-FLASH Chronicles

I've been saving my pennies for what seems forever, and three weeks ago, I finally acquired a V-FLASH 3D printer. I remember seeing my first 3D printer at Siggraph circa 1992. At the time, the price of admission was around $45,000US for an entry level machine.

They've gotten cheaper.

I've been playing Battletech for almost 20 years now. Sometimes I roll out my giant hex board in the living room and play with Macross/Dougram/Gundam figures of varying scales. A lot of fun to be sure, but I wish there were more Battletech canon mechs available in a 4"-5" figure. So what am I printing on the V-FLASH? There's going to be tons and tons of 1/100 scale Battletech figures, among other things...

Below: 1/100 Urbanmech and Scorpion with 1/100 ARII Spartan and Revoltech Soltic

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