Saturday, November 6, 2010

The V-FLASH Chronicles - Part II

I was getting a little worried because some of the parts that I've been printing have been a tad... wonky and warped. Some have postulated that this is due to temperature and humidity variation, but I'm inclined to believe my particular problem is due to mechanical causes.

It would seem that with careful placement of parts (and the addition of a couple of rubber bands for good measure), pristine parts CAN be had. (I printed two pretty clean Battletech Scorpions this morning.) The V-FLASH seems to make wonky parts when (1) you mix bulky and detailed parts in the same build  and (2) when larger parts are placed towards the outside of the build platform. The build process seems to work best when you group the parts with the largest cross-sections towards the center of the platform and arrange the rest in a roughly symmetrical pattern.

OK, so I could have just asked 3D Systems what was up, but I like to figure these things out for myself - all part of the fun of getting a new toy. Plus, I wanted to share some of the V-FLASH experience with others that may be thinking about getting one, but do not have access to the 3D Systems forums.

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