Saturday, November 20, 2010

V-FLASH Chronicles - Part IV

HAL had a really bad night last night. I was trying to print some pickup parts for the FLEA, and he wasn't able to print anything but support structure... no parts! After a couple attempts, I realized that he was printing random, disconnected wafers of plastic and then dropping them on the carrier. These of course, ended up in the resin cartridge.

I'd been warned on one of the discussion groups that things like this could happen, so I didn't panic. I pulled out the resin cartridge and snapped the top off of it. Kinda like clearing a paper jam!

After about ten minutes of dredging the resin trap, I was ready to go again. I rebuilt the print job from scratch, rebooted the computer and the V-FLASH, and it seems to be printing correctly now. I'm guessing my woes are due to a software/firmware bug rather than a random hardware or network fault given that I got two identically flawed printouts...

In other news, I got a notification today that there is a software upgrade for V-FLASH's parts generation. It sounds like its going to generate a lot less support structure and will be a lot easier to clean up. Unfortunately, for some reason, HAL can't access the upgrade server at 3D SYSTEMS. I'll have to call on monday and see what's wrong -- probably something wrong on my router.

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